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Okay, if anyone is actually going to read this, I'll warn you now that this will be long.

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Gardening is something I've always secretly had a desire to pursue...but..never acted on it. I'm going to be 20 later this year..and..well, my life is just a bunch of uncertainty right now. I have no clue where my life is going, so I decided while I'm trying to figure out what I'd like to go to school for and all that nice stuff, I might as well start on something to put my energy into.. It's kind of a personal challenge.

I live in a small town in Southern California. Nothing spectacular. I've lived in this house basically all my life. My grandparents bought it when I was 1 or 2 years old. My grandfather passed away when I was young. My grandmother passed away last November. She liked to garden, she liked her house plants and growing tomatoes, but she never had the energy to really put forth into growing a lush garden.

I decided to experiment in the backyard first, since if I ever actually spend time outside my house, I'll go out back. [I'm not the kind to sit on the porch and drink tea or anything like that...honestly, my neighborhood is an eyesore, and though I don't mind children, I mind hearing the badass kids around her riding on their bikes, yelling and cussing to one, not much to enjoy]

Unfortunately, when I decided to start this whole process, which was a couple weeks ago that I started rolling the idea around in my head and reading up on a few things, it was some bad timing.
First of all, a couple weeks ago, my [ex] step dad got into a car accident with my mother's Montero Sport SUV. He flipped it [not to mention with my younger brother and step brother inside]. It wasn't his fault, but the point is, the car is totaled, so for now we are sharing my little car. When all this happened, we had absolutely no money whatsoever, so we've been pretty tight on things [this was due to my mother's supposed 'best friend' witholding money that he owes her].
Things settled after a week or so, so I decided to go out and get some seeds of my choice since I want to start this from scratch. I bought starter trays and soil, but I think it may be safe to plant seeds directly in the ground about now..but I have not gotten that far.
The seeds I got are: Canterbury Bells, Columbine, Marigold, Chives, Parsley, Sweet William, SnapDragon, Tomatoes, Morning Glory, Lavender,and Sage
I'm looking forward to the Canterbury Bells and SnapDragons the most.

After reading up on the seeds I chose for a couple of days, I decided it was time to go out back and face the fury of the weeds. I only got to spend one day weeding. I worked for about 3 hours and only got about 40% of the weeding done.
I've been locked up in the house for a while, going through a bad breakup and being generally depressed, so the next day after starting the weeding process, I was COMPLETELY sore everywhere! I took that day off.

The next day, my mother left for Florida early, so I was stuck babysitting my nephew and brother, not to mention I've been home alone with my brother keeping an eye after him, so I haven't had a chance to get back out in the garden.

Without further ado, let's take a walk in my backyard. These pictures I took were from just a little while ago. I tried to measure the thick garden best strip with a regular tape measurer, so it's about 34 feet by 4ft.

These pictures are from right to left, sorry they're in sections.

Right side:

Here's where the weeding ended

Now, my night blooming jasmines that I'm surprised are even blooming in my junky yard that no one until now has paid attention to, growing up our old trellis.

Left side:

Now, in this one you can see most of the junk left around from us doing remodeling around our house around this time last year. Kind of understand the challenge now? lol

A view down the bed:

Roof of the trellis:

Facing the flower bed, the jasmines are surprisingly lush:

So...that's pretty much it. Hopefully later this week I can finish my weeding and decided whether to start all or some of my seeds directly outside or use the starter trays.

Any and all comments are welcomed!!!!!!!!


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