Saturday, March 21, 2009

Log #22: Back in the Game..redux

Vigna Caracalla planted......check!
Snapdragons planted..........check!

The VC vine is acting funny. My leaves were beginning to whiten and die. Needless to say, I got it in the ground immediately. Despite the leaves falling off, there is still new growth. A whole new branch has formed, so that's good news!

I love Snapdragons. I think these will be happy in their new home.

The Lawn....

Well, we got rid of our 20+yo tree. There's still a stump and all the roots we need to get out ourselves or pay for it.

The Mother Unit (as my friend says) decided she wants to just dig up the whole front yard, take out all the grass, till the soil, and put down seeds. ....
O...kay? Alrighty then... *scratches head* Whatever.

Our front yard, for the most part, will be a mess, except for the flower bed, which is doing just fine.

We have Bleeding Heart bulbs we plan to plant out in the backyard.

The Jasmines are starting to bloom.

My 2 grape plants are coming back again. As per usual, my Green grapes are moving along faster than the Ruby grapes.

Roma Tomato seedings are sprouting and coming along fine.

Growing seeds:
Sweet Peas
Green Onion
Bell Pepper
Mixed Flowers

Hmm...that's it for now

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Picture Log #11: Time Keeps On Slippin' a little over a year later...

Both my roses died. I was actually very surprised this happened. At first I thought it was the planter. I made sure it had good drainage. Apparently not? I'm not too sure.

I guess I'm surprised because these were my favorite $6 WalMart roses (if you recall, said WalMart roses in Joseph's Coat took the hell off when I planted them in the ground. I had great success with them), so I figured I'd get the same results. I didn't want to transfer them into the ground until after I saw they were growing in the planter. Guess that was pretty dumb.

So..the new addition to my household, the guy took it upon himself to UPROOT MY BOUGAINVILLEA AND SNAIL VINE! WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYY!?!!?! Fucking jerk.

New additions

Piss poor picture, sorry


It's a bad picture and outdated. The plant has been going through a growth spurt for almost all of January - which I'm very excited about. It's actually just been a long strand growing that has other limbs beginning to grow. It's so long it's wrapped up and down the stick I have in there (for being a gardener, I sure don't know many gardening terms. Sheesh).

I'm very excited to see how this will fair in Southern Californian weather. I want to put it outside in the front yard, but I'm afraid of how it will mesh with the SoCal sun.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Log #21: Back in the Game

It's been a while, longer than I'd've liked. Too many things going on, but I'm back!

To catch up:

Bleeding Heart Vine,Moonflower,Roma Tomatoes,Gladiolus,4 o'clocks,WJ = gone

Rose bush is doing great! It was growing like a weed so I had to really trim it back.

Grapes ...well, the winter looks to have hurt them, but I believe they will sprout new leaves.

Jasmines still have not bloomed. We hope they will this Spring, if not, I am contemplating taking them down.

Royal Purple Bougainvillea YES! It is still there, and boy am I happy! I bought a Temple Flame Bougainvillea, but the heat killed it, which was a pity.

Recent additions:

Snail Vine - got hurt during the winter as well, but it's still there
Gardenia - why the HELL does my mother keep trying to grow this? It'll never bloom. Never.
Sage - I'm so happy I got this, it was a marked down plant, and I've been slowly nursing it back to health.

New additions:

7 seeds:
Chives, Rosemary, Bell Pepper, Basil, Oregano, Roma Tomato, Parsley

2 roses:
Silver Moon (I think it's called that, it's something Moon) - a silvery purple rose

I'm really excited about the purple roses. Purple is not just my favorite color, I swear it's a way of life! Purple just brings me joy.

That's it for now!
Don Juan Climbing Roses - red climbing roses