Sunday, April 23, 2006

Log #1: Hello, Marigold!

[Music: Type O Negative - Haunted [Per Version] ]

Yes, my Marigolds have sprouted today. From what I understand, the first "leaves" are to store nutrients and the like.

Unfortunately, no luck with my other 7 seeds I have planted, but I believe this is because of the size of them. The Marigolds were my biggest seeds, all the rest were as tiny as grains of sand, so I won't give up on those yet! But I was a little butthurt nothing else grew...but on the other hand..OH EM GEEZ! My Marigolds sprouted! *does a happy dance* It's just so awesome.

I took a picture, but my mother loaned out the digital camera to her friend, got the camera back, but forgot to get the USB cord, and I refuse to document my garden with my lame camera phone. So you'll have to wait.


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