Sunday, April 30, 2006

Log #3: Some Formal Documentation

I think I should document when I started my seeds.
I am not quite sure, but April 18th I talked about planting them, and April 23rd, my Marigolds sprouted.

So, we will say April 19th, I planted my seeds. For the record.

I am starting to worry, but going off me planting the seeds on the 19th, it has only been 11 days.

Now, from the packets, here are the days to germinate:

Columbine: 22-30
Lavender: 14-28
Parsley: 14-21
Canterbury: 14-21
Marigolds: 10-14
Snapdragon: 10-14
Sage: 7-14
Chives: 7-14

I am surprised Columbine takes the longest. I would have thought Canterbury and Snapdragon would be at the top.

I am worried about my herbs and why they aren't growing. -sigh-

By the way, not sure if anyone really reads this, so I may as well just apologize to myself - lol - for not having any recent pictures. I wanted this blog to be a mostly photo blog, but without that USB cable for my digital camera, I can't do much. If something major happens, I'll use my camera phone.


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