Thursday, September 14, 2006

Picture Log #6: Some New Plants

Well, a few days ago my mother decided on a whim to go and buy a few new things. I would have updated much sooner, but Photobucket was down.

Let's begin!

This is one out of 2 batches she bought.

Hairy Evolvolus
These have pretty violet flowers. They seem to only bloom during the day. We didn't plant this because I talked my mom into making it a hanging plant. Only thing missing is the hanging basket..

Too much damn pink, in my opinion, but I am excited to see how these grow.

I tried to get my mom to plant this out back. I told her it will grow big, but she doesn't believe me. To compromise, she just stuck it in a big pot.

Ornamental Peppers
She bought 2 of these because of the purple for me. Sadly, purple is the first color they turn, then I believe it goes red>orange>yellow:(

Now for some of my older plant updates.

Calla Lilies
Look at how tall they're growing!

Pink rose bush
Now this is the rose bush I had given up hope on. Insects had eaten the leaves until they looked like Swiss cheese. As a last attempt, I just randomly trimmed off all the leaves a few weeks back, and when we go to plant the new plants, I noticed this! Can you not tell? All the leaves grew back!!! ZOMG!

White rose bush:Has 1 new bud.

Morning Glories:They look like they are dying, but I'm still getting a new bloom everyday. I feel I'm not talking to them as much as I was.

All other plants are doing well.


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