Monday, July 10, 2006

Log #14: A New Project

I'll do the rundowns.

There is still ONE Chive hanging on for dear life! I am amazed, but it doesn't seem to be growing much.

Calla Lilies are hanging on as well.

Bindweed is taking over the backyard.

My Jasmines have no new blooms:(

Morning Glories are very good.

The white rosebush has a new bud, just barely opening. The other rosebush hasn't had a new bud in a month or so.

Fuchsia are dead, but there are some sproutlets inside the pot, so I'm not throwing it out just yetO_o

Tropicanna is doing well. Can't wait to see if it does get any blooms... ever...

And now, for the happiness!

I bought a Corkscrew Vine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!


Blogger Annie in Austin said...

Andrea, you have taken on a pretty big job with your new garden. I don't know anything about California, so no advice from me, just a hope that your stuff will grow for you. You're trying some things we grow here in Austin, and some different things that won't make it here. Snapdragons are a late winter, early spring plant in Austin. We get a lot of intense summer heat, but then also have enough winter to kill tender plants. Fuschias will die here because it's too hot in summer, even when kept in the shade.

I hope the rose turns out to be the yellow one that you wanted, and I'll check back hoping to see the corkscrew flower.

8:22 AM  

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