Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Picture Log #2: Growth!

Here are my dying Bleeding Hearts:

My Calla Lilies that I totally cut back are coming along nicely, despite some brown around the edges!

Sorry this one is blurry, but here you'll see my Marigolds to the left, and my one Sage to the right:

What's the story, Morning Glory?

My first bit of mulching! Yeah, you can see the newspaper, I didn't want to overdo the mulch, but I probably have to put more:

Now for the front yard.

My poor Hydrangea:

The one of the two rose bushes that has blooms:

And just because, this is my favorite indoor plant we have, the Swiss Cheese plant:

In other news, I took out the Lavender and Columbine and planted those yesterday,

Snapdragons are sprouting!!! 2 in the tray where the Marigold, Sage, and Chives are, and about 4 in the big pot!

-sigh- Keeping fingers crossed for the Canterbury Bells...I really REALLY want those.

Also, I really want our other rose bush to bloom. I want to see the color.


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