Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Log #12: Slow but Steady..for the Most Part

I transplanted my 3 Marigolds to an actual pot yesterday. They seem to be wilty.

My 1 Sage I was afraid I almost lost, but it's back to good. 2 other Sages popped up as well! The big Sage, I can already smell.

and Canterbury Bells are growing slowly but surely.

My Morning Glories are growing like weeds, but I'm having rolly polly problems. I need an insecticide.

I planted my La Roma Gold Tomatoes out back in the actual dirt after having finished off the huge bag of mulch in the same area as in Log #11.

Sadly, I think I am giving up hope on Lavender for sure, and Columbine for the most part.

Also, I made a new pot of Sage, since I was worried about only 1 growing, and I have only seen 1 tiny sprout.

That's all the update in me for now.


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