Monday, May 29, 2006

Log #11: Mulch

6 Marigolds are fine.
1 Sage is fine.
2 Chives seem to still be doing well.
I cut a few branches from the Bleeding Hearts. Not sure if I want to cut it all the way back yet or not.
Cut off the blooms from the Hydrangea.
Pruned may of the frontyard flowers, and it seems to have helped a lot.

I just got back in from test mulching. I was in the mood to do some yard work. I weeded the parts that I originally weeded in Log #1 again because a few have popped back up.
Note: Applying spray weed killer and then weeding really helps.
After that, I decided to just rip strips of newspaper, and laid them down in a test area. I then put enough mulch to mostly cover the newspaper. I really like black colored mulch.

Not sure what's going on with the gardener. We're really tight on money as of late. -shrugs- Well, I said I wanted to do it on my own anyway, right?

In the tray I planted, 2 Snapdragons actually emerged! I just noticed them today.

I replanted my Morning Glories in a bigger pot. I did the same with the Roma Tomatoes.

I'm wondering if I'll see any action from the Snapdragons and Canterbury Bells I replanted.


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