Thursday, June 15, 2006

Log #13: Looking Back

Looking back, I'm not so pleased with myself.

I live in Southern California, for fuck's sake, and not near the beach, so almost the whole year is just hot for us.

I really didn't do my research all that well. I just wanted plants that I wanted, and did not take the time to research native plants.

What I have growing and their condition:

2 Sage. 1 on it's way, the other still in it's early stages. The good one seems to have its leaves shrivel if I do not water it in the morning. I have been having a CRAZY sleep schedule. I set my alarm for 8am this morning and did not wake up until 1:30pm. I don't even remember the alarm going off! Christ. Talk about feeling like a lazy asshole. I did have another Sage that popped up along with the on in it's early stages, but it died off a couple days ago.

3 Marigolds that I recently put into a pot of their own. The tallest is wilting, but it does that a lot, then pops back up. The other 2, I fear, are probably going to really die off soon.

1 Chive that seems to be well. There were recently 2 more. 1 I thought was going to make it, but withered away. Then later, another one popped up, but as I just saw for myself, had the same fate as the other one.

My La Roma Gold Tomatoes...well, I planted those in the ground, and it did seem to help. It's fairly healthy, though if I do not water that in the morning, the leaves start to wilt as well. There are a few blooms here and there, but they easily die.

Sage, Columbine, and Lavender seeds, I don't think I'll be seeing anything. Damn.

My Canterbury Bells and even hurts to type this out, but they have died off. I still have more seeds, so I am going to plant more in there and see what happens. I think one cause of them dying may be overwatering and too much heat. Not sure.

My healthiest grown-from-seed-plant is my Morning Glories, which are fairly easy to grow. I had a bit of a panic with rolly pollies aka pillbugs eating them, but thank the heavens my mom found some of my grandmother's insecticides, and just one use of that, they are gone.

My Jasmines are in poor condition due to spidermites, and in serious need of a good pruning. Just now, I sprayed some insecticide. We will see how it works.

Calla Lilies are okay. Good condition, not much to really report.

Now, for plants that have been growing out in the front.

The Tropicana I am trying to nurse back to health is coming along alright.

My rosebush that has been having blooms has ceased to have anymore. I'm sure more will come soon enough.

My Fuschia had no blooms for a while, but new buds have emerged! I think it had been in need of a serious pruning.

The few carnation plants we're growing [not the beautiful kind] are alright, as long as I dead head them often.

My small, pink Hydrangea are coming along with new blooms, well..only plant one of 2.

The orange flowers that you can see in pictures below are in the same condition as the Hydrangea.

My second rosebush that I said I can't wait to see what color it is has a bud! Too early to tell the color, however. I'm praying it is anything but pink. [wouldn't that be a surprise if it came out deep red or purple? man that'd be exciting!]

And that's pretty much that.

Mor reflections and lessons learned:
1) I bought my seeds at a good time to plant them. Bad of me, but I put off planting them for almost 2 months, and by that time, the heat was kicking in.

2) It seems a bit useless to try to plant anymore seeds. The heat is becoming too much, and I have no room to keep these in the house. If I want to plant anymore new projects, I need to wait until September, most likely.

3) Probably my most important lesson. It's all well and good to want to have the satisfaction of growing something from seed. It is satisfying and very frustrating if you haven't done all your research.
If you but a cutting, those are just as much work as planting seeds, except experts or what have you, were able to provide good germination environments, so I shouldn't feel any less of a gardener...or novice gardener, if I buy cuttings. IT'S OKAY AND A LOT SMARTER.

That is all for now.


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