Saturday, June 24, 2006

Picture Log #3: Blooms,Weeds, and Death

Well, I'll go chronologically first.

Almost all my seedlings and my tomatoes have died. I have one single chive that seems to be holding on for dear life. The heat is terrible.

My tomatoes up and wilted. I pruned them to the branches. My step mother suggested yesterday that I do the deep watering, where I leave the hose on very low by my tomatoes for a half hour, so the water penetrates to the root. I think I may try that.

My Fuschia have also dried out, but I am positive they are not completely gone and will return towards the end of summer.

In other news, my Morning Glories have been blooming! We are on the third bloom. Each one of the three has been blooming one day after the other. The color is a rich fuschia, magenta, which ever you feel is a better suited name. Thank the gods it was not pink!!! I did have my heart set on purple, but this color is rich and will look great allover my fence.

Funny story:

I was flipping out because my Morning Glories would have a bloom, and then close up for the day, and then would die the next day, but the plant was thriving! So, I took it to my beloved You Grow Girl Forums, and they eased my soul and said that's exactly what Morning Glories are supposed to do! I had no idea and felt so stupid! But they were also nice and told me not to be.

Moving along, I noticed this weed-like plant growing from my neighbor's backyard into mine with white flowers that resembled small Morning Glories:

I found out these are called Bindweeds, and I should probably get rid of them asap.

Okay, and for something I've been waiting for....

Drumroll, please...


My second rose bush has budded! The bud has not bloomed yet, but the green is starting to peel back and the color is!!!

Yellow!!! AND NOT PINK!!! I hope it might be one of those two tone roses, but I won't push my luck.

For fun:

Yellow roses signify strong feelings of pure joy, gladness, happiness and friendship, but were once used to convey jealousy. Friendship is the main meaning of the yellow rose but it also signifies familiar love and domestic happiness. Yellow roses also symbolize fun and freedom. Today, the yellow rose is used to embrace a new beginning, apologize or express sympathy, and to say, "remember me" , "I am sorry', or "I care." Yellow roses are appropriate for marking the beginning of a new life together or for starting all over again.

Well, the new beginning is a good reason to have these around.

Also, my Tropicana seem to be growing well, too.


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