Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Log #16: Ahhhtumn

Ahhh yes, Autumn has arrived! Very nice and comforting. On my end in SoCal, this is the time for new beginnings and to plant seeds. A lot better than waiting until the Spring.

Along with CausticMuse from YGG, we are doing a grow a long of Delphinium. We probably still have a week or two to go until we see sprouts.

Alright, enough with the chat and to the update!

Calla Lilies: Are really getting big. I am so pleased.

Celosia: One of the two batches is better than the other. I don't really like them, they do not stay as fluffy as the picture below, when you water them, it obviously soaks them, but new..puff rods are growing.

Hairy Evolvolus: It's still healthy, though we haven't had any flowers to my knowledge for a while.

Hibiscus: These are doing well. It is really rewarding to see 3 of them bloomed at a time [though I still hate the pink!]

Lavendar: Ah, these are coming along beautifully. Oh! I need to find out how to harvest them!

Ornamental Peppers: The one that had more sun than the other really shriveled up. I cut off all the dead peppers and the dead leaves, but fear not! It isn't dead! Tiny new leaves are forming on the branches. The other one is semi weak, but it still has green leaves and has a few new buds.

Pink rose bush: No new buds, but the leaves are still fresh and thriving.

White rose bush: We got to enjoy one new flower, but it's gone now. No new buds.

Morning Glories: I shit you not, I went out there and talked to them more, and now they are just fine!! BUT! There is a bloody praying mantis that lives in them now, I think it stalks me. That creature scares me, it really does, and it seems to like to be wherever my fingers happen to be on that plant.
Update: I haven't seen the stalker for a few days now. *gives evil eye*

4 o'clocks: Just chillin in my backyard. It's a big bush now, very pretty when they bloom.

Tropicanna: Still growing! Man, when these finally bloom, it will be so rewarding.

Unknown Bamboo: I feel it's a good accomplishment! After nursing it, we have many new..chutes[sp?], two with leaves. Very nice.

Carnations: Eh, they're fine.

Snail Vine: It is pleasing to see many purple flowers at once. I really need to find something for it to climb up, though.

*sniffle* I miss my Fuchsia and Bleeding Hearts, AND I WANT TO GROW CORKSCREW VINE SOOOO BADLY! But for the life of me, $15 a pot!!! *pout*

Lawn and Weeding: I weeded a bit out in the backyard, I need to do it more, though. As for the frontyard lawn, the grass is growing again. My mom accidentally bought grass seed mulch..stuff, I am contemplating going out there and putting it down.

That is all!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This blog is very interesting, but you, like the plants seem to have gone dormant for the winter. I love seeing fellow gardeners blogging about it. I work at wayside gardens/park seed and love to be around plants. Please post more.

8:19 AM  

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