Monday, January 29, 2007

Log #17: Gone, Gone Away

Oh, my lovely plants were killed this winter by surprising frost. We are not used to this in Southern California.

Sorry this will not be as detailed as usual, it'll have to wait.

I work now, at WalMart. Go me. This leaves me with very little time to do anything, and my days off are spent sleeping and doing errands.

I did have a chance recently to sneak back to the garden center at my job and buy some things.

My biggest project right now are my grapes. I bought this starter kit that had 3 kinds, Ruby, Thomas, and Flame. They are soaking in a bucket of water right now...I am keeping them in longer than I should, but I started late and had no light to go back and work with them. I am hoping they'll hold okay. Bad me.

I also bought climbing roses. I think they need to go in the ground instead of a pot. Also bad me.

At Stater Bros, I bought wonderful Hyacinths, and a Cyclamen plant.


Blogger Annie in Austin said...

Hello Andrea - you're back!

Good luck with the grapes and roses.

Do you get a discount on the plants at the WalMart garden center? If you get to know the people who work there, you might not only find someone else who enjoys gardening, but might hear if some good plants are on sale.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

2:40 PM  

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