Sunday, February 18, 2007

Log #18: With The Chinese New Year Comes Life!

Though some of my plants have perished, there is growth and birth!

The green grapes out of my 3 I just discovered are growing new stems [chutes?]. I am thrilled! I hope hope HOPE that my other red ones are doing okay.

There are sprouts in my pot of dead Morning Glories. I really need to cut the dead stuff off of the fence.

I think my yellow/orange roses are still growing. I feel new thorns on them.

Even though this is only a little bit, I am still so pleased.

Cheers to the Year of the Boar!


Blogger Annie in Austin said...

Hi Andrea,
Like you, I'm hoping for signs of life on some plants that got colder than usual. At least in CA and TX we can just walk outside and look for new thorns and buds. That's because our plants aren't buried under 3-feet of snow - those snowbelt gardeners won't even see their plants for awhile.

I hope your yellow & orange rose bushes have made some good roots so you get flowers this year. I didn't buy a yellow rose yet, although I really want one. It's on the wish list.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

4:15 PM  

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