Thursday, February 22, 2007

Picture Log #7: Get It Together, Andrea!

Jeez, my last two posts haven't been anything to really read, nor was it really informative.

Let's get started! *cracks knuckles*

Starting from this last list of plants...

Calla Lilies: They were getting really big, but they died beyond repair in this shock of winter frost for Southern California. I am upset about them, but I am working now, so if I get too lonely, I can buy seeds or another plant!

Celosia: Oh, those are long gone away with. It was just too hard keeping them fuzzy. They were constantly getting muddied and matted down. They eventually died, and I wasn't the least bit sorry about it.

Hairy Evolvolus: Well, it's still brown now, but I think it may have life yet. I don't really like it, and neither does my mom. It's future is still in question.

Hibiscus: Not one of my plants was not set back by the frost. My lovely Hibiscus were no exception. I think there is still life in them, so I'm not touching it and just watering them.

Lavendar: You know, these confuse me. They kept the form strongly, but they are wilted and browning. Do I cut them back? I have no clue what to do with them.

Ornamental Peppers: Oh, they are both completely brown, but upon breaking off a couple of branches, there is still green on the inside! I will keep them and see what happens.

Pink rose bush: We haven't seen any blooms on this for a very long time, but the plant is still alive, as well as the White rose bush.

Morning Glories: Well, they completely died, but alas, there is new life! My mom planted seeds in there, and I'm not sure it will only be hers growing. Unfortunately, she only had the blue, which does NOT make me happy. I just don't like blue Morning Glories, sorry. I will buy some crazy colors and put them back in there;)

4 o'clocks: These had a very tragic death.
A couple months ago, we had a bad fire around our parts. It wasn't close to my house, but the air was thick with sickly yellow fog. I remember glancing in my backyard, and my HUGE 4 o'clock plant had completely wilted! It was just leaning to the side. My sister said it was the lack of oxygen and ash in the air. They never revived.

Tropicanna: As always, still growing. It lost some bulk from the frost, but it's still there.

Unknown Bamboo: Ugh, back to square one with this guy. Damn the frost!!!!!

Carnations: Yeah, still there. Actually, the fuschia ones in the middle stayed strong through the winter.

Snail Vine: I was upset with this one as much as I was with my Lilies. Right now it's cut down to the root. I'm not sure what will happen:(

New plants!!!

Rhoeo Tri-Color: This was a small plant I bought for $3 at my grocery store. Next thing I knew, it got really big! It's in a bigger pot right now. Can you guess why I bought it? Take a closer look..

That's right, it's PURPLE underneath! How cool is that?

My grapes:

"Flame" red grapes

"Ruby" red grapes

"Thompson" green grapes: This one is the only one with sprouts, as you can see the green spots in my white circle. I'm not sure why the other ones don't have sprouts, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

I also have a Hyacinth, which is growing so wild, we had to put it outside! But no new blooms yet.

And there is the dark purple Tulips my mom bought me for Valentine's Day. They were nice for a day or two, then rapidly started to go yellow, but I see new leaves forming.

Well, that's it! I hope you all enjoyed this one!


Blogger Annie in Austin said...

Andrea, both Calla lilies and Four O'Clocks can go dormant, then come back from underground - my Calla lilies completely disappear every year, then emerge in spring. Maybe yours will, too!

It might be different in California, but in most places morning glories are annuals, living just one year then having to be restarted from seeds.

I'm not sure about the lavender - gently crack some of the crispy part off and see if there's a green core inside the stem to show that the plant is alive. Sometimes they croak if water around their roots got icy.

Good luck!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

9:26 AM  
Blogger Ercy said...

i'm so glad you posted your Rhoeo Tri-Color photos. my mom gave me a cutting from this plant and it grew so fast! i have since cut it back, but looking at it, it seems to need another trim. one of the easiest plants to take care of.

7:43 PM  

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