Friday, March 16, 2007

Log #19: Getting Excited Allover Again

Whenever I see the tiniest hint of new growth in my plants, I get excited. I don't care if it's a dull, extremely easy to grow plant, it makes me incredibly happy.

The green grapes are coming along nicely. Many new, actual leaves on there now. One of the red grapes, I believe it's the Ruby one, I just found out today is barely barely starting to grow a little branch! That made my day. I was so worried that my red grapes weren't going to grow, but thankfully they proved me wrong! I think it's the little faerie statue my mother bought me;) I put it right next to my grapes.

The Morning Glory seeds are growing. We will have a big mixture of colors, I can't wait to enjoy them.

I told my mom a week or so ago to just pull out my Hyacinth and Tulips. The Hyacinth, I think, caught a disease. Oh well.

The Kale, Lavendar, and yellow flower-thing are pretty much dying. Actually, my mom pulled out the Lavendar. Such a shame.

Everything else is just fine. I will wait a little longer until I do another picture log.


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