Thursday, May 04, 2006

Log #5: Taken from YGG Forums

My mom talked to our gardener today. The weekend after next, he will be fussing with all the weeds and tilling in all the soil and cleaning up our backyard.

I really wanted to do this all by myself, but I guess this is probably for the best, though I feel it's an easy way out. Our backyard has been let go for so damned long, it probably would take more than just myself to fix it all up.


It'll give me time to fuss with my seeds, I guess. I'm getting worried about them, because only one Marigold has sprouted, and even that looks like it may be dying and I'm not sure why.

I still have a couple starter trays left, so I may plant a couple of the same seeds. I never chilled my lavender and columbine, which it says to do, so I'll be doing that.

I'm still feeling a little discouraged, though:(


I suppose you all are right, but I was totally willing to do it all by myself, but my mom just thought it'd be a better idea to have someone else with some experience do it.

Our gardener is a really nice guy, so that makes it a bit easier to let it go...though I asked him about mulch/compost, and I'm not 100% sure he really understood, but that's okay. I'll do that myself so I feel like I've done something.

As far as my seeds go...well..I've started these:
Canterbury Bells

What I'm going to plant tomorrow: Morning Glories
Cuttings/flowers I bought: Fuchsia, Bleeding Hearts, and Roma Tomatoes.

Maybe you guys can tell me if I'm doing something wrong with the seeds:
I bought starter trays [without the plastic top, I've been using cling wrap] and starter soil.
I only used 24 slots, each type of seed had 3 slots. They've been planted 2 weeks.
My Marigolds had popped up almost a week in, all 3 slots. The next day I look, and they all had died down. Then a day or two later, only one slot popped back up. Now, it's all wilted. I keep them moist, and do not believe I have overwatered them. I have had cling wrap over them, as well.
I live in SoCal, and the weather has been getting hot on somedays, and perfect on others. I mostly keep the trays indoors by the window in my kitchen, though sometimes I take them outside to get better sun, but bring them back in when I worry the sun is too hot.

Today [5-3-06], I planted all the same things, but differently.
I took a long, rectangular plastic tray, cut holes [not too big or too small] in the bottom for drainage, filled it mostly with MiracleGro potting mix and some of the lighter starter soil I bought with my trays.
I planted Sage, Chives, Snapdragon, Marigold, and Canterbury Bells in it. I'm leaving it uncovered and outside.
I'm soaking the Morning Glory and Parsley seeds right now [I was surprised on the Parsley packet it said to soak them] overnight, and will plant those tomorrow.
With the starter trays I originally used [I had some extra], I prepared the soil and planted the Lavender and Columbine. Now, I see that it would help if both were refrigerated for about 3 weeks [or so I've read].

I'm worried there may be something wrong with my Fuchsias. I did some pruning this morning. I think I won't water it tomorrow.

btw, FUCHSIA is the correct spelling.


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