Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Log #20: Ups and Downs

Bleeding Heart Vine is doing poorly. All the leaves fell off, but it appears to still be alive. There is tiny new growth on it. At WalMart they have more, if all else fails, I'll just buy it.


Ruby is coming along just fine! It's still not growing at the rate of the Thompson grapes, but it's alive!

The Thompson grapes have gotten big. It's a joy to see everytime I look out the kitchen window. Right now it's slowing down on the growth, though.

The Flame grape plant I think may be dead. I haven't given up on it yet and keep watering...but nothing is coming.

Jasmine plants are doing fine. Not many blooms:( But the plant is healthy.

Kale is dying. I think I'll pull it out soon.

Morning Glories are growing, a lot. I bought Moon Flower seeds tonight and will plant them perhaps tomorrow.

Primroses seemed to have died. I think we over watered them. The red and orange ones have new growth, but my beloved purple ones may be seeing their end.

African Daisies may also see the same fate. But I haven't given up on them yet.

Roma Tomato plant is doing well. I've been pinching off the buds because I don't think it's quite ready yet, but soon I will let the buds grow.

The new rose bush is doing just fine! Growing more and more:D

I planted 1 Gladiolus bulb, and it has a strong sprout. Can't wait to see it develop. Not sure where I'll plant the others.

Royal Purple Bougainvillea is doing poorly. My mom planted it somewhere where there are no other plants or anything growing. It's barely hanging on:\ We have a few Bougainvillea plants on clearance at work, I may pick up another one.

Our big Gardenia plant that I forgot to post a picture of, is just still there. We've had a few buds, but I suspect someone may be picking them off. I thought I would've seen it bloom weeks ago...but no. It's a big plant, and it's still alive, so I guess we'll just wait.

The shrub on the side of the house with purple flowers is starting to grow wild. I am starting to not mind it being there.

Our grass is actually growing! We have a lawn again! It's weird.

Houseplants are fine...

What else?

OH! I am going to try to grow 3 roses from bouquet cuttings. There is this one rose in particular that is striped, it's lovely, but dying. I am trying to save it until I have the time to buy some more potting mix, and then I will do the coke bottle green house thing with them. Any comments/suggestion with that would be appreciated.


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