Monday, May 22, 2006

Log #10: Re-Potting

4-5 Marigolds are doing fine. I believe 1 or 2 died while I was in San Diego.
Only 1 Sage is growing.
1 Chive has popped up.
Planted Snapdragons and Canterbury Bells in two different pots. Canterbury Bells are in the tallest pot.
Calla Lilies are fine.
Bleeding Hearts are dead. I may cut them back to the root, but I'm not sure the spot is good for them anymore.
I may dump the two Easter Lilies I have growing [I did cut them back, not sure I want them anymore].
Fuchsia is okay. I believe it has a disease. While I was in Laguna Beach this weekend, the house next to use had a HUGE Fuchsia plant!It was pretty much a bush. Hum...
Hydrangea is dead as well, but they may pop back up if I cut them back a little.
Parsley is not growing at all.
Will be taking out the Columbine and Lavender seeds from the fridge soon.


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