Friday, May 12, 2006

Log #8: Chives, Sage, Snapdragons, and Planting

About 5 Sage seedlings have emerged.

3-4 Chives.

2 Snapdragons [still very tiny].

Morning Glories are growing strong.

Roma Tomatoes are just fine.

Worried about Canterbury Bells and latest planting of Parsley.

Front yard I decided to plant the Bleeding Hearts in the shadiest place. Also planted beautiful and big, purple/blue Hydrangeas my mom won yesterday.

Cut off dead leaves on the bamboo plant and tropical plant.

We have a smaller Hydrangea plant that has pink blooms. I cut it in half and planted the other on the other side of the bush.

Am going to get rid of the mystery flowers.

Tomorrow I will probably finish rearranging front yard for my mom.

Hoping to get a hanging plant container and will plant the Fuchsia in that.


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