Monday, May 15, 2006

Log #9: Setback

Saturday afternoon, I left for San Diego, which is about an hour's drive south. I returned early evening of Sunday.

I watered everything before I left.

My Bleeding Hearts are very wilted.
The beautiful Hydrangea is completely wilted as well, something I honestly did not forsee.
My chives that were doing great wilted within a day. I'm not sure if they'll pop back up.

Everything else seems to be fine.

Also, another note, the rose I planted from what my brother picked is completely wilted and dying as well.

My Marigolds and Morning Glories are going strong.
My Sage is popping up as well.
I have one sprout from my Canterbury Bells.
My Roma Tomatoes got their first two blooms.

I'm surprised I have nothing from my Parsley.
I think if my Chives fail, I will just buy cuttings of Chives and Parsley. I'm also thinking about buying some Rosemary.


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