Saturday, May 19, 2007

Picture Log #10: Growth! Spring Has Sprung!

Kale, African Daisies, Primroses, and Gardenia gone

Bleeding Heart Vine, now with a side of Moonflower [night blooming morning glory]!

I don't know why, but my mom decided to plant the Moonflower seeds I bought in the same pot as the struggling-to-hang-on Bleeding Heart Vine. Apparently the BHV is still alive, and we're getting tiny new growth. This will be interesting to see if the BHV survives.

Oh my, look at how my Ruby and Thompson grapes have grown. I'll eventually get a big trellis

Also, look at the surprise I found yesterday from my supposedly dead Flame [sorry for the blurriness]:

Oh, here's what I'm REALLY excited about
Roma Tomatoes

WOW! I may have another hidden one, but I believe I have about 5 tomatoes growing! I haven't gotten to grow an actual tomato since I discovered my love for gardening, so I'm excited about this. My mom wants to plant it in the ground, but the pot is big enough, and I feel it would only severely damage the plant now.

Rose bush:

The Gladiolus bulbs made me interested in planting bulbs. I haven't had a chance to get any more, but the results are great! It seems like such a strong and sturdy plant. Wonder how long it'll be before I get blooms?

Funny story, my mom decided to put the rest of my bulbs in about 2 holes. So now we have 2 holes with 6 or more bulbs in them, and they are coming up

Royal Purple Bougainvillea....lives! I honestly didn't see that one coming, but now that I think about it, I was kind of stupid to doubt it. Bougainvillea is a native plant here...why wouldn't it grow? One day we noticed "Oh em gee! It's still green AND it has blooms?"

It looks like the 4 o'clocks are making a return [hell, how many seeds DID they plant so long ago?]

Mom trimmed the Jasmines and put some twine up. In the middle you can see the 2 new plants I bought:

Here's the newest house addition. My mom and I had a guilty laugh that the tag said "Wandering Jewel"...we all know it's Wandering Jew, but..well, it just made us giggle. Sorry! No means to offend! Either way, we can still abbreviate it WJ. The plant itself looks very strong, even a little glossy. It's pretty...and purple^_^

That concludes this session.


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