Saturday, August 26, 2006

Picture Log #5: A New Canvas!

So, finally, we hired the gardener to do our backyard, and he did a great job. There are just a few items that we need to put away. I'd better start planning! And this time, I'm going to keep up on it like no other! It'll be a lot easier since Fall is on its way.

BTW, thank you Hanna and Annie for your comments^_^ Indeed there is always next year..or..there is always next season, like Fall!

Anyway, refer back to this post

Now, the new blank canvas of a backyard I've been wanting!

Now these are the 4o'clocks that recently started growing. My mom told me a few years back, my brother and grandmother planted those seeds, and they barely came to surface, so I'm leaving them.

All the trash, it's gone!

And we just need to sort through that pile, and we're back in business!

More updates as they come!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Picture Log #4: The Wrath of Summer and Disappointments

Summer has killed off almost all my seeds. Summer killed many of my plants, or dried them out.

I hate California summer.

Here summer is, closing to an end [almost], and here are my survivors. God bless them.

Here we have my Tropicanna that I've been nursing back to health. It's growing big, and I don't think the picture does the justic of the beautiful coloring of the leaves. I am waiting on pins and needles for it to bud.

Hi, little rose bush! This is my white rosebush. It started to bloom when the heat was immense. We only got about 2 beautiful roses, and by the time the 3rd one budded, it was already crisping and browning before it bloomed all the way. I have no buds since then.

Also, my other rose bush is doing poorly. It has been eaten up like crazy, all the leaves have a bunch of holes in them, it looks terrible. I may have to cut it back.

Here are some Carnations. I actually have 4 sets of different ones, but these are the only ones green and blooming [and they're my favorite]. I think having the fallen leaves around them really helps.

Here is my unknown bamboo. It used to have some green leaves, but they were crisping and falling off, so I eventually cut them back, and they are growing nicely again. I'm happy to see that.

Ah, my darlings! My Calla Lilies! The ones I am looking forward to so much to see them grow! The heat had not been kind to them. If you refer back to almost the beginning of the blog, you will see I bought these, in bloom, but they soon wilted. I cut them back to the root, and they grew strong and lush, but throughout the heat, many leaves crisped off, and this is what remains. It is doing a lot better from even just a week ago. I think in September, they'll be shooting up.

My Morning Glories! My only surviving seeds, which is now a thriving plant! I thought I was only going to have that fuschia color, but there's a wide variety. I have counted almost 6 different colors lately: Purple, Lavendar, Fuschia, Pale Pink [almost white], Pink, and a darker shade of Purple and Lavendar. I'm really pleased.


Remember when I said I bought a Corkscrew Vine?


It wasn't a Corkscrew Vine at all! The picture lied! It's a regular fucking Snail Vine. I called the company and actually bitched about it, but they said they have no control over the pictures. I feel it was false advertising, not to mention they had the wrong Latin name, which they said is the only thing they're responsible for. Fucks.

Anyway, it's growing nicely, the flowers are pretty, and mom wants to keep it. Not sure where to start letting it climb, though, but I am still very determined to get a Corkscrew Vine plant. Believe me you, boy. I'll get one.

And now, for my tree. I've never talked about my tree or posted pictures. Here is my 20 year old tree and the crazy fucking roots.

And that concludes this blog entry.