Friday, January 11, 2008

Log #21: Back in the Game

It's been a while, longer than I'd've liked. Too many things going on, but I'm back!

To catch up:

Bleeding Heart Vine,Moonflower,Roma Tomatoes,Gladiolus,4 o'clocks,WJ = gone

Rose bush is doing great! It was growing like a weed so I had to really trim it back.

Grapes ...well, the winter looks to have hurt them, but I believe they will sprout new leaves.

Jasmines still have not bloomed. We hope they will this Spring, if not, I am contemplating taking them down.

Royal Purple Bougainvillea YES! It is still there, and boy am I happy! I bought a Temple Flame Bougainvillea, but the heat killed it, which was a pity.

Recent additions:

Snail Vine - got hurt during the winter as well, but it's still there
Gardenia - why the HELL does my mother keep trying to grow this? It'll never bloom. Never.
Sage - I'm so happy I got this, it was a marked down plant, and I've been slowly nursing it back to health.

New additions:

7 seeds:
Chives, Rosemary, Bell Pepper, Basil, Oregano, Roma Tomato, Parsley

2 roses:
Silver Moon (I think it's called that, it's something Moon) - a silvery purple rose

I'm really excited about the purple roses. Purple is not just my favorite color, I swear it's a way of life! Purple just brings me joy.

That's it for now!
Don Juan Climbing Roses - red climbing roses


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