Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Picture Log #9: Now We're In The Swing Of Things

Okay, this post is going to be loaded with pictures.

Lavendar, Hyacinth, Tulip, and yellow flower are gone completely.

I'll commence with the pictures!

Bleeding Heart Vine

It only has a couple of buds on it right now. Supposedly they grow in clusters. They're tiny white flowers with a purplish red in the middle.



This one has a new sprout! It is not growing as fast as the other one, however.


Flame has no sprouts. I think my yard is too small for grapes and I'm worried, but who knows? We may be able to pull it off. Perhaps the people behind us might not mind our grapes growing in their yard, hah.

Jasmines have been cut a bit

I bought two new Jasmine plants as well.

The Kale has a rod. Flowers are supposedly going to grow. Little yellow ones.

Our two types of Morning Glories are growing. Morning Glories are the easiest fucking things to grow.

We have a couple new colorful flowers in the front. Primroses I think they are called.

I think these are African Daisies.

My Roma Tomato plant is doing rather well. If all goes right, this will be our first tomato plant in more than 5 years to survive. We grow tomatoes in honor of my grandmother. Growing tomatoes was a passion she had, but she was too weak to fulfill it to a great extent.

So, guess what happened with my roses after we put them in the ground?

They started to grow leaves left and right! Amazing. I thought the plant was dead!

This bulb

will hopefully grow into this flower

I have 25 bulbs. I want to go plant a bunch of them in the back. I planted on in the frontyard. We'll see what happens. It was a lucky find, it was the last packet of that they had. I have never planted bulbs before.

Instead of posting the pictures of all my houseplants, I'll direct you to the post about them:


As I mentioned before, I bought two Jasmine plants and also a Royal Purple Bougainvillea, which I am very excited about.

I am contemplating trying to grow more things from seed, but I'm not sure. Will report later.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Log #19: Getting Excited Allover Again

Whenever I see the tiniest hint of new growth in my plants, I get excited. I don't care if it's a dull, extremely easy to grow plant, it makes me incredibly happy.

The green grapes are coming along nicely. Many new, actual leaves on there now. One of the red grapes, I believe it's the Ruby one, I just found out today is barely barely starting to grow a little branch! That made my day. I was so worried that my red grapes weren't going to grow, but thankfully they proved me wrong! I think it's the little faerie statue my mother bought me;) I put it right next to my grapes.

The Morning Glory seeds are growing. We will have a big mixture of colors, I can't wait to enjoy them.

I told my mom a week or so ago to just pull out my Hyacinth and Tulips. The Hyacinth, I think, caught a disease. Oh well.

The Kale, Lavendar, and yellow flower-thing are pretty much dying. Actually, my mom pulled out the Lavendar. Such a shame.

Everything else is just fine. I will wait a little longer until I do another picture log.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Picture Log #8: It Seems My Mom's Gotten It Together

Not to mention she took it upon herself to throw out almost all my old plants.

Surprisingly, I'm not too mad, though.

The green grapes are growing new little branches, chutes...whatever you call them, and it's so exciting!

So, instead of listing what all is gone, here is what stays from the old bunch:

My new additions [the grapes, yellow/orange rose, and Rhoeo Tri-Color]
My one plant that I thought was a form of Carnation, but is actually Sweet William

And that is it.

Here are the new additions. I'll start with the unknown plants first, that I am hoping people can identify for me as "for sure"

Lavendar? What kind?!

Someone said this is a Kale..

Now onto the others:


Floppy Hyacinth:

My dying Tulips [why are they dying so soon?]:

The orange/yellow roses. I believe they were called Joseph's Coat:

The new and old Sweet William [sidenote: the old SW on the right is the only plant that lasted strong throughout the frost that killed everything else]:

And probably the reason I'm not mad about the other plants, this Gardenia:

Oh my stars and garters! I forgot I recently bought a Tomato plant! It's healthy, no pictures yet. It's a Roma Tomato.

And there you go. The Gardenia has big buds on it, we're all waiting to see the blooms.